Bodo Bags the Most in Baden

Bodo Bags the Most in Baden

Friday, 22 February 2013

Party Poker sponsored pro Bodo Sbrzesny will be the man leading the charge in Day 3 at WPT Baden thanks to a table-topping performance yesterday.

As the field gradually whittled itself down from 131 to 44, the leisurely pace allowed Sbrzesny to casually scoop 403,000 chips throughout the day and finish just ahead of Vishal Pundjabi (401,000).

Also continuing their Day 1 form and maintaining pace with the top three was Kimmo Kurko. Having started the day with 149,700 chips, the tournament grinder managed to more than double that and finish with 395,500.

British hopes are once again led by Mitchell Johnson who returns with 285,000. Also still in are Andrew Hulme 111,500, Philip Huxley 52,000 and Kara Scott 35,500.

While some rose, others fell and as yesterday’s session progressed a succession of world-class players found themselves without chips, including Mickey Petersen and Steve O’Dwyer.

Today’s session will trim the field even further before one of the remaining players walks away with $271,258 on Sunday.

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