Relaunches With New Look and Content Relaunches With New Look and Content

Wednesday, 17 December 2008 relaunched yesterday with a sleeker and more modern look, which you probably already know seeing as how you’re reading this piece on

You’d be a bit mad not to take advantage of all the updates and upgrades around though. Now the site is (we think, anyway) easier to navigate and that’s a good call on our part seeing as how it’s now packed with content.

Firstly you can (obviously) get up-to-date on all your poker news in this section. Cast your eyes downwards and we have strategy tips and interviews from some of online poker’s great names as well as weekly updates on the highest stakes cash games and the major tournament results.

The editorial is always entertaining and thought-provoking (if you can read over the deafening sound of the online team blowing their own trumpets) and it’s usually a comment on the latest poker industry or wider world activity that affects the game we all love.

Dr. Tom answers readers’ questions and worries regarding poker and a guest pro will often chip in with a sound bit of strategy advice to help you make money too. On top of this we’ve got blogs from the greatest wits and prettiest girls that Bluff Europe has to offer as well as a video section full of tips from top pro players. Oh, and an archive of magazine interviews that reads like the Who’s Who of poker.

If you want to tell us how fantastic we are, tell us how to improve the site and magazine or just talk about poker (or anything) then drop by our brand spanking new forums to have a chat.

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