Bluff Europe €1500 Freeroll TONIGHT!

Bluff Europe €1500 Freeroll TONIGHT!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Matt Dale has his bluffing boots and crash helmet ready. Dan Carter is most likely playing some $50/$100 No Limit Hold'em. Both of our bounties will undertake strenuous and very different forms of preparation for tonight's €1,500 freeroll. Make sure you join us as we try to knock the two pros out on the way to winning the whole lot.

The heads of Dale and Carter are worth €250 each, while the prizepool is €1,000, meaning there is a total of €1,500 to be won tonight. We've got over 175 players already signed up and to make sure you're registered, head to now for the instructions and - most importantly - the password. Just don't go telling everyone... that way there's more money for the rest of us.

Good luck, and see you all at the tables! Oh, and if you see Matt Dale make a large bet on the river, you should call - he's most likely bluffing. Just a clue for you.

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