Blue Square Merges with Betfair

Blue Square Merges with Betfair

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Blue Square officially announced yesterday that they were shifting their customer base to Betfair following a £5 million buyout deal.

Customers logging on to Blue Square yesterday were informed that their account had now been transferred to Betfair where they had the option to either withdraw their balance or accept a special welcome bonus and continue betting.

According to recent reports Blue Square had posted losses of £4.8 million in the last six months; mainly due to poor betting revenues and increased revenue spend. However, it’s now hoped that by merging with Betfair, one of the UK’s biggest sports betting platforms, those fortunes will change.

In total it’s believed that around 120,000 accounts have been transferred across to the new platform. At present it’s not known whether Blue Square poker players will be affected by the move. Indeed, in January 2013 Betfair moved from the Ongame Network to iPoker, which is the same platform as Blue Square currently operates. This means if transference is to take place then it should be one that leaves the majority of players largely unaffected.

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