Blom is back!

Blom is back!

Monday, 12 December 2011

The high stakes cash action at PokerStars has been warming up nicely over the past few months but one name notable for its absence has been Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom.

Rumours about Blom's online demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated though despite being away from the tables for the best part of three months. Speculation suggested a possible fall out with PokerStars, a run on another site and even sharing an account with another Swedish player.

Those rumours can be put to bed as Isildur1 has dipped his toes into the high stakes PLO waters with a 12-hour session, mostly at the $100/$200 tables. It was like the good old days of 2009 as Blom booked a mammoth profit of $620,000, taking on a who's who of high stakes online pros including Phil Galfond, FakeLove888 (Patrik Antonius?), Jeans89 and Terken89. The biggest loser was the unlucky VietRussian who was down $241k.

The largest pot of the day was a $214k monster which saw all the money go in on a 10s-Ac-7h board with VietRussian just ahead holding 9h-10d-7s-8 against a host of big draws for Isildur1's Kc-Qs-Jc-Ad. The 2d on the turn changed nothing but the Qd on the river filled Blom's straight to give him a huge pot.

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