Blom and Dwan Join Full Tilt

Blom and Dwan Join Full Tilt

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Last week Full Tilt announced their first high profile sponsored pro in the form of Gus Hansen and this week they’ve announced another double signing. Branded as “The Professionals”, Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom will now represent the site once it launches on November 6th.

In a statement released late yesterday, Full Tilt’s new PR team wrote: “Dwan’s return to Full Tilt Poker, combined with the signing of his great online rival Blom, will reignite a fierce competition at the highest stakes tables on the Full Tilt Poker site and creates a formidable team to represent the site at re-launch.”

The signing of both Blom and Dwan isn’t completely unexpected, but it should make for some interesting high stakes action in the future. Indeed, Dwan’s representation of the site implies that he will be making a return to the online poker scene over the next few months.

Commenting on his new contract, Blom said: “I always loved playing on the Full Tilt Poker software, it is where I made my name and enjoyed some of my greatest victories. When they approached me about joining the team I knew this was the right fit for me.”

Blom’s recent departure from PokerStars left him searching for a new sponsor but it now looks as though the move was designed to free him up to take the helm at the company’s new entity.

So far the community’s reaction has been largely positive as both players are popular figures in the industry and constantly draw huge crowds of railbirds whenever they sit down at the virtual tables.

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