Blom Takes on All Comers

Blom Takes on All Comers

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom's latest online poker challenge has ended up costing him $38,000. Devised and organised by his sponsors, Full Tilt Poker, Blom pledged to play 100 players in 100 $1,000 heads-up SNGs. Putting his own money on the line, Blom said before the start of the challenge that he planned to win all of them, but as the games stacked it he found the going got a little tricky.

Indeed, by the time he'd played his way through the last of the freeroll qualifiers a few days ago the final total of wins versus losses stood at 62/38. That meant 38 plucky grinder received $1,000 from the high stakes pro as well as eternal bragging rights that they beat one of the best poker players in the world.

Following the announcement of the result, Full Tilt published some stats from the event which showed that not only was Blom playing five people at once, but he was losing the challenge at one point:

The matches began on October 26 and Blom played 10 players a day, five at a time.

The average match lasted 34 hands (the shortest was just one hand).

At one point Blom was down 11 matches to the qualifiers, with 11 wins against 22 losses.

Blom eventually battled back and took the lead, 29 to 28, and never relinquished it. He finished with a 62-38 record.

In addition to Blom playing 100 freeroll qualifiers heads-up, the promotion also gave fans a chance to ask him a question. Taking place on Twitter, Blom answered questions on everything from most money he's ever flipped for, to how he prevents tilt.

@CakeEater12: most amount of $ you’ve flipped for?
Blom: $50k I think, I ran so bad at flips.

@ryan211: How do you prevent tilt?
Blom: Sometimes I don’t :)

@TheOzzmeister: Biggest “aha-moment” so far in poker, when it comes to learning?
Blom: When I played low stakes SNGs I learned quickly how much aggression was worth in a game. High blinds meant I could shove every hand and others never seemed to get that back then. One Russian guy was more aggressive than me, and he was the biggest winner at the time.

New players can join Viktor at the Full Tilt Poker tables with a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $600 as well as entry into new depositor freerolls where $50,000 will be won.

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