Blog – should I join a video training site?

Blog – should I join a video training site?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

If you’re an online poker player and you’re unaware of video training sites, or haven’t signed up to them, you’ve obviously been playing hunched over your PC under some sort of rock. You’re probably losing money to all the people that do take advantage of training sites, too. And doesn’t playing under a rock hurt your back terribly?

I was reading a thread on the Bluff Europe forums about training sites. Well, in my opinion they should be as much a vital piece of your poker toolkit as PokerTracker, a Two Plus Two account and a computer. Seriously.
I’ve used CardRunners and LeggoPoker and it was a massive help to my game. Don’t be fooled, though – a monthly subscription to the videos of such high-stakes legends as Cole South, Brian Hastings and Brian Townsend isn’t an easy ticket to poker superstardom. You have to work.

Watch the videos, then rewatch if you’re a little fuzzy on some concepts. Take notes. Hell, talk to the players themselves – they’re teachers, too, and only too happy to help.

Many also argue that training sites are killing the games – codswallop. Always wanted to use that word. Sure, you can expect to see more players 4-betting light and value betting thinner and sure, it’s partly the fault of training sites. But a world where there are no more fish? Is it possible?

Actually, I think we’ll be alright to be honest. There’s a vast wealth of learning material out there in the shape of video training sites, major poker forums and more books than you can shake a stick at. But people are idiots, they won’t use them. Think about the common chav – he could go to school, get smart and get a job but he’s just genetically predisposed to spray-painting things and happyslapping the elderly. In that same way, there are thousands of players with money to burn who just won’t bother getting better.

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