Blog - Tom Dwan – the comeback trail

Blog - Tom Dwan – the comeback trail

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Phil Hellmuth and Tom “durrrr” Dwan probably don’t have as much of a rivalry as all the railbirds think, but Hellmuth has always said that we need to wait for Dwan to survive a big downswing to see if he’ll last.

Well, he lost over $5,000,000 last year and he’s still going. I think that should qualify as a big downswing. Isildur1 totally rinsed him of what many speculated was his entire bankroll last year but he won over $1m of that back.

Since the Isildur1 debacle he’s won seven figures in his regular games plus almost half a million in the Durrrr Challenge vs Patrik Antonius. It didn’t come easy – he was playing a lot of $25/$50 immediately after he lost millions to Isildur1, which is still high stakes for normal people. However, that’s 5% of his regular stakes – it’s like a $1/$2 grinder having to drop down to $0.05/$0.10.

As an Internet player I obviously have huge admiration for durrrr. I don’t really think there’s any question that he’ll still be around in a few years. Sure, he won’t do a Hellmuth and rinse the tournament circuit, but he’s going to be killing the highest stakes cash games. He did start to play a lot of televised poker but I think that was just in a bid to get a lucrative sponsorship deal – smart kid. Now he has that with Full Tilt I don’t think it’s presumptuous to say he’s set for life, even more so than he was.

Incidentally, I assume most of you have by now seen the massive pot between him and Phil Ivey – link here. Wow.

A $1.1m pot is not actually an everyday occurrence. As soon as the cards were shuffled into that order it was inevitable – I think if Dwan had had $1m in front of him it would have still all gone in. Ivey has a disguised straight against one of the most aggressive players in the world, playing three-handed. It’s always going in there.

Like I said, wow.

That’s all from me today. Shout out to Phil Conneller in the UKIPT Manchester, I hear he’s not doing too shabbily.

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