Blog – PokerStars – size matters

Blog – PokerStars – size matters

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

PokerStars have a pretty firmly-cemented reputation in the online poker industry.
How many sites or networks can offer a $4,000,000 guaranteed tournament – or, for that matter, a $1.5m every Sunday – for a promotion? In order to not have to pay a huge overlay, PokerStars will need 20,000 players to compete. That’s a tall order for most sites, but not for PokerStars – hell, they did it just two Sundays ago with a $3.8m prize pool.

The only site that comes close to taking the industry dominance of PokerStars away is Full Tilt. They certainly appeal to the railbirds, with legions of pros playing the highest-stakes games online, winning and losing million-dollar pots and battling in epic heads-up marathons.

However, the software for PokerStars is easily on par with Tilt. The games on offer are just as vast and varied as Tilt, with the exception of the high-stakes games. By high, I mean high – PokerStars loses out by stopping at $200/$400.

The main thing, in my opinion, that sets PokerStars apart is their incredible support team. Lee Jones used to be the boss man and as he’s recently proved with Cake, the man knows how to run a poker room.
If you take a query to PokerStars, they solve it as soon as possible. Like Iceland supermarkets, they’ve worked out that customer service leads to customer loyalty, which leads to cash.… I used to work at Iceland, that’s still drilled into my head.

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