Blog - London calling...

Blog - London calling...

Monday, 30 August 2010

If a Martian was to land on earth this week and ask about some card game called poker instead of sending him to Las Vegas you'd be pointing the little green man in the direction of dear old Blighty as for the next month London will be the centre of the poker universe.

The greatest players in the world will be descending on the capital for some of the finest tournaments ever seen in this country starting with the maiden WPT London Classic which starts today. There's then small matter of the English Poker Open and EPT London oh and of course the small matter of the World Series of Poker Europe. Never in the history of the game has such a superb collection of poker talent been assembled in Britain at the same time.

It's not just welcoming the likes of Ivey, Negreanu, Durrrr and co to London that we've got to look forward to though. As well as the A listers there's still plenty for us mere mortals to enjoy this month, nothing more so than this week's Poker in the Park which promises to be bigger and better than ever. Tournaments, tutorials, lectures, World Champions, Heavyweight boxers and the lovely ladies from Nuts. And it's all completely free. What's not to like?

And Poker in the Park is just the hors d'oeuvres for what promises to be a feast of poker throughout September. There are glitzy award ceremonies, bankroll boosting poker academies, tons of tournament action at venues throughout the capital with massive cash prizes and buy ins to suit just about everyone. As Gregg Wallace from Masterchef might say “Poker doesn't get better than this” and for once the balding spoon licker would be right.

In the unlikely event that you do happen to stumble across any little green men wandering the streets of London over the next few days then point them in the direction of Leicester Square. Amongst all the other tournaments taking place there will probably be some intergalactic poker challenge taking place somewhere in the capital (and Phil Ivey will still win it).

See you all in Leicester Square this Thursday and Friday.

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