Blog - Lets' talk Avatars - and we don't mean the film

Blog - Lets' talk Avatars - and we don't mean the film

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Two Plus Two forum regular Arnis1, better known at the moment by his UnoffensiveNick screenname at Full Tilt Poker, currently tops the FTOPS XV leaderboard.

Now, you hold that title at the conclusion of Full Tilt's $17m
guaranteed tournament series and it's a tidy payday. In addition to
money won during the series, you recieve entry to all but the 2-day
event for FTOPS XVI.

Arnis1, though, has his sights set on the top prize - a fully
customised avatar.

He wrote on the world-famous poker forums:
“I haven’t even done anything yet but IF I stay on top of the
leaderboard and get a custom avatar, I am thinking to not get the
standard lookalike one and have people comment on how you look etc.
I'm thinking to get a Borat avatar... I can ask for that right?”

Now I'm not going to blog about the merits of a Borat avatar. Sorry to

The unique avatar concept got me thinking - many people think avatars
and screen names should be randomly generated each session to preserve
anonymity. Poo to them, I say. Poo to them with knobs on.

Poker is a game of people. You have history with players and this
affects your play. It's as much a part of the game as knowing odds or

I've yet to see a convincing argument for having ever-changing screen
names. When you play at a casino, do players put on disguises each
time they sit down?

If you've got any points that might convince me it's a good idea,
please share them in this thread.

Until next time, goodbye from me - RandomBlogName2937/8311073.

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