Birmingham’s Broadway Festival starts this weekend

Birmingham’s Broadway Festival starts this weekend

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Birmingham’s Broadway Casino is the venue for a six-event festival that runs from Sunday 1st November through to Sunday 8th November. Top of the bill is the £1,000 +£60 main event which has a guaranteed first prize of £1,000 with organisers expecting a prize pool of over £300,000.

There are two opening days on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th November. There’s also a £50 + £5 super satellite for the main event starting at 8pm on Sunday where at least 10 seats are guaranteed.

The full schedule is as follows:

Sunday 1st November 8pm £50+£5 super satellite into the main event

Monday 2nd November 8pm £100+£10 freezeout

Tuesday 3rd November 8pm £100+£10 unlimited rebuy

Wednesday 4th November 8pm £300+£30 double chance freezeout

Thursday 5th November 7pm £1000+£60 main event Day 1A

Friday 6th November 7pm £1000+£60 main event Day 1B

Saturday 7th November 3pm £1000 main event Day 2

Saturday 7th November 8pm £50+£5 double chance freezout

Sunday 8th November 3pm £1000+£60 main event day 3

Sunday 8th November 8pm £100+£10 with 1 optional rebuy or add on at £50

All events with buy ins of over £100 count for European ranking points.

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