Bilzerian Plays Poker With Politician

Bilzerian Plays Poker With Politician

Monday, 27 April 2015

We know Dan Bilzerian has a way with good looking women, but it seems he's also got some sway with America's leading politicians. In a recent Instagram video the playboy millionaire was seen handing out tips (and $100 bills) to US Presidential candidate, Rand Paul

The unexpected video caused a stir over the weekend as Paul is one of the leading candidates to replace Barack Obama; however, despite first impressions the game wasn't the standard form of poker as we know it.

Dubbed Liar's Poker, the game essentially requires players to state a bid based on the number of bank notes in their hand. Ultimately, the goal is to bluff your opponent into believing that your bid does not exceed the combined sum of all the serial numbers on the bills in your hand.

Although not strictly a game of poker, a number of core concepts between the two games exist and it’s a likely sign that Paul is a fan of the game. Indeed, with Bilzerian a known "poker player", the public alignment with the millionaire appears to be a conscious effort by Paul to connect with a young audience.

While many people may dislike Bilzerian, he has a huge following and if Paul is putting out subtle hints that he's a fan of poker then a strong presidential run could mean positive things for the game in the US. In fact, in a recent interview, Paul said that he wasn't in favour of an outright ban on online poker in the US and that governments should leave the game alone.

Chewing the fat with a potential future resident of the White House is of course a far cry from Blitz's usual territory.

The high-rolling playboy was on more familiar turf earlier in the week, host a party with DJ Steve Aoki that featured poker, Hollywood celebs, beautiful women and of course, a giraffe named tiny.

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