Bilzerian Freed After Airport Arrest

Bilzerian Freed After Airport Arrest

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Dan Bilzerian can't seem to stay out of the news this week. First there was the face kicking incident and now the 34-year-old millionaire has found himself in trouble with the law after allegedly possessing explosives.

After being arrested and held by police in LA on Tuesday night, the world suspected Bilzerian to be facing charges of assault after a video emerged of him apparently kicking a woman in the face. However, following his release from jail last night, it's transpired that the social media hero was picked up by police at LAX Airport because of an outstanding warrant with Clark County, Nevada.

According to the Clark County District Attorney's Office, Bilzerian was arrested along with Jeremy David Guymon on November 4 for possessing "ammonium and/or cooler and/or aluminium powder as well as an ammonium nitrate mix."

Bilzerian is due to appear in court on January 9 to face the charges of possessing/ attempting to manufacture explosives and the arrest was made as there was cause to believe he was a fugitive.

Fortunately for Bilzerian, his attorney, David Chesnoff, was able to force his release because he's not set to face charges in California. Following his release Bilzerian returned to his home in California before posted a picture of himself in a private jet with two scantily clad women.

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