Biggest Online Pot Record Broken Again

Biggest Online Pot Record Broken Again

Sunday, 26 October 2008

NEWSFLASH: Online poker sees its biggest ever online pot, with Urindanger winning a $723k pot with Aces against Durrr's Kings.

The biggest pot won online has been smashed once again. The record had already been beaten three times today (Sunday), before this little incident....

Urindanger raised from middle position to $3,000 and Guy LaLiberte called. Durrr quickly squeezed to $16,300 and it folded back to Urindanger, who 4-bet to $45,000. Durrr called, leaving stacks of around $300,000 behind. The flop came 5-9-4 with two hearts, with Urindanger betting out. Durrr raised and Urindanger shoved, met by a snap call by Dwan. Dwan's pocket Kings were crushed by the pocket Aces of Urindanger, and when the turn and river bricked out, a record $723,938 pot was sent Urindanger's way.

A full report of the day's poker insanity will come soon in the Online Poker World section.

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