Big Brother/Poker Reality: ‘2 Months $2 Million’ Show Starts Next Month

Big Brother/Poker Reality: ‘2 Months $2 Million’ Show Starts Next Month

Monday, 3 August 2009

A new poker-themed reality television show is due to debut in just over two weeks in America featuring four top online professional players in their 20’s attempting to win two million dollars over the course of eight weeks.

Scheduled to premier on August 16 at 9pm New York time on the G4 network, “2 Months $2 Million” will see Jason ‘pr1nnyraid’ Rosenkrantz, Brian ‘Flawless_Victory’ Roberts, Emil ‘whitelime’ Patel and Dani ‘ansky’ Stern attempting to win two million dollars using their own bankrolls.

The pros will live in the same house in Las Vegas for the ten half-hour episodes and will visit the Tilt Room when things don’t go well. This special space will feature fresh fruit and vegetables that the pros can smash with baseball bats and hockey sticks in order to blow off steam.
In addition, the player that has had the worst week will be embarrassed by his housemates in a series of public stunts that include wearing a tutu and playing the harp for tips on the Strip.

If that wasn’t enough, the cameras will also follow the boys as they enjoy some of the hippest shops and nightclubs in Las Vegas.

“There was something there that represented a lifestyle our audience is fascinated with,” said Laura Civiello, Vice-President for G4.

“Every young guy wishes they could have this lifestyle so it was very appealing to men aged 18 to 34, which is the majority of our demographic."

“It’s a huge challenge. That’s part of the fun of the show, watching them go on this incredible journey. For our audience, both the stakes and the lifestyle are the whole package. You want to come back to see if they win or lose.”

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