Beth Shak Keeps Her Shoes!

Beth Shak Keeps Her Shoes!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

No news round-up from Bluff Europe would be complete without bringing you the joyous news that Beth Shak and her infamous shoe collection will remain united. Hurrah!

Shak, 42, was being sued by ex-husband Dan Shak after he claimed she had hidden a footwear stash worth an estimated $1million during their divorce settlement. He was after 35% of the value, which is about 35 big blinds in some of the cash games Dan finds himself in.

After six hours of testimony at Montgomery County Courthouse in Philadephia, Dan Shak decided to drop the action. “Daniel knew he was going to lose,” said Beth. “I’m so relieved he saw sense and decided to give up on this. It was so stupid.” We tend to agree.

Beth Shak and her new boyfriend are now looking to move on from the courtcase and focus on setting up her new website, ‘Shoes R Forever’. Let’s just hope the new venture isn’t given the proverbial boot...

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