Betfair begins Ongame split

Betfair begins Ongame split

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Betfair Poker has started its transition to the iPoker Network in the last 24 hours after making a first announcement on the subject only two weeks ago.

To help with the transition, the poker arm for Betfair will operate on both the Ongame Network and the iPoker Network for the next six months before beginning to gradually phase out its Ongame operations in preparation for a complete network jump in the summer.

The switch means that all new players can only join Betfair’s iPoker axis while existing players will be able to play on their old accounts for the next few months.

Joining bet365 Poker, Paddy Power Poker and Titan Poker, Betfair will operate on iPoker’s Top Tier playerpool.

While Betfair has started its move away from Ongame, the network has finally brought an end to its tiered playerpools. The presence of poker room specific tables has now been removed, meaning that operators have to now revert to universal playerpools.

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