Betfair admit data hack; over 3m usernames compromised.

Betfair admit data hack; over 3m usernames compromised.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Betfair has admitted that eighteen months ago, the personal details of customers had been accessed and stolen by hackers believed to be based in Cambodia. It is reported that 3.15m usernames and security questions; 2.9m usernames with addresses and 89,744 usernames with bank account details were compromised.

The first Betfair knew of the attack, which occurred in late February/early March, was in May when a sever in Malta crashed. Betfair discovered that nine servers had been compromised in the UK as well as two in Malta. They informed the Serious Organised Crime Agency as well as international officials.

After eighteen months, Betfair have commented on the incident, saying the data was “unsuable” and that “there was no risk to customers... We have taken the prudent view that the criminal has the expertise to decrypt the payment card details”, they admitted.

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