Betfair Release Odds for November Nine.

Betfair Release Odds for November Nine.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Betfair, the world's largest sportsbetting company, have become the first to release odds for the November Nine final table of the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Unsurprisingly, chip leader Darvin Moon is the big favourite but even his monstrous chip lead (approx 30% of the chips in play) can't give him more than a 25% estimated chance.

Phil Ivey has been given odds of 5.4/1 which may seem a little long, however bear in mind he is one of the shorter stacks and despite the wizardry he can work at a poker table, he will need to do some work. However, he is still more of a favourite in Betfair's eyes than Steven Begleiter, who has three times his stack.

The full list of odds and chip counts is as follows:

Darvin Moon (58,930,000) - 3/1
Eric Buchman (34,800,000) - 4.6/1
Phil Ivey (9,675,000) - 5.4/1
Steven Begleiter (29,885,000) - 6/1
Jeff Shulman (19,580,000) - 7.2/1
Kevin Schaffel (12,390,000) - 15.5/1
Joseph Cada (13,215,000) - 14/1
James Akenhead (6,800,000) - 17/1
Antoine Saout (9,500,000) - 22/1

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