Bet24 offers tax-free online poker

Bet24 offers tax-free online poker

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

If you’re a UK resident then it’s likely you find the very idea of paying tax on your poker winnings laughable. That is if you laugh in the face of US players who are having all sorts of bad luck regarding online poker as well as having to pay taxes on it.

However, what you take for granted is the fact that your site of choice has an EU license. If not, you have to pay tax. Bet24 is the latest site to obtain said EU license and they couldn’t be happier about it.

“It’s a really important day for Bet24. We are one of a small number of poker operators to have been granted an EU license in Gibraltar – now all our products are licensed within the EU. The requirements for obtaining a license are very strict so of course we have been looking forward to this day,” said Chris Dahl, Poker Manager for Bet24.

Tax affects many poker players – WSOP 2008 champion Peter Eastgate moved from his native Denmark purely for tax reasons after his multi-million dollar win.

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