Bet Raise Fold Reaction

Bet Raise Fold Reaction

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

It’s been a long time in the making but now the premier has taken place the producers of the much anticipated: Bet Raise Fold, can now breathe a sigh of relieve.

Showing their finished product at a special screening at the WSOP last week, the film’s creators, Jay Rosenkrantz and Ryan Firpo, have recently discussed the moment their efforts were seen by the poker world.

Talking in a video released yesterday, Ryan described the moment the film was shown as a surreal experience, noting that “it was pretty intense watching it on a 30 foot screen.” He certainly felt the hard work had paid off though and he commented that it’s “exciting to have it out there and to have people know it actually exists now.”

Jay was similarly pleased with the screening and was relieved that people laughed in the right places and really understood the concept of their movie:
“I was most proud that my friends and fellow poker pros were telling me that it exceeded their expectations and that we got the story right.”

In addition to talking about the recent showing of Bet Raise Fold, Jay talks about their Kickstarter backing and how they have reached their $35,000 target.

Having raised enough funds through a series of investors, the creative duo are now planning a series of unlockable content in the form of deleted scenes, sound tracks and digital wallpaper packages.

The movie will finally be put on general release on June 30 and will initially be available for download through For more behind the scenes information on Bet Raise Fold, be sure to read read producer Jay Rosenkrantz's in-depth feature on the making of the film.

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