Ben Grundy “won’t rule out” durrrr challenge

Ben Grundy “won’t rule out” durrrr challenge

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

With the first challenger to Tom “durrrr” Dwan nearing defeat – Patrik Antonius is down over $1.8m with less than 15,000 hands to play – a few rumours have circulated about the next person to step up.

Phil Ivey has confirmed he will at some stage and Dwan himself dismissed rumours that Brian Townsend would be the next challenger. However it seems someone might be willing to rise to the challenge with Ben Grundy claiming he “won’t rule it out”.

“I’ve actually considered giving [the durrrr challenge] a go,” he wrote on his blog. “The prospect of $1.5m if I win compared to $500k if I lose is really appealing. I’m way too much of a bankroll nit to take the chance.”
Grundy is one of the world’s best online PLO players with a huge, loose-aggressive game and over $7.5m in winnings in 320,000 hands. If he were to play Dwan the swings from two high-level, aggressive players would be huge.
“I won’t rule it out under the right circumstances,” he continued. “I’d definitely do it if I could sell a big enough percentage. Worst case scenario is I lose $2m and then have to pay the $500k.”

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius are currently playing the 50,000 hand challenge. If Antonius can pull off a huge comeback to be $1 or more up by the 50,000 hand mark he will win $1.5m. However, the likely scenario is that he will be paying durrrr $500,000.

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