Bellagio robbed for over $1.5m in casino chips yesterday

Bellagio robbed for over $1.5m in casino chips yesterday

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A ballsy motorcyclist escaped The Bellagio on Tuesday morning with what is reputed to be between $1.5m and $2m in casino chips after a robbery of the cage at gunpoint. Granted, it’s not quite an Ocean’s Eleven operation but then again in real life Al Pacino doesn’t stalk around the casino being all Pacino-y.

The man parked his motorcycle outside and quickly walked in, wearing full leathers and a helmet. He went to the cage and produced a weapon before being given the chips which be put in a bag and left. Despite the lack of cash, he still has money-making potential on the black market with plenty of Nevada residents willing to buy $100 chips for $90.

The robber apparently got away with several racks of chips from $100 to $25,000. However, police have said that he will have a tough time cashing in the higher denomination chips due to “industry safeguards”. We assume that means burly men like Laurence Fishbourne in “21” hunting him down?

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