Become a heads-up hero at PokerStars

Become a heads-up hero at PokerStars

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

In a bid to encourage more heads-up sit-and-go action, PokerStars has announced the addition of more such online poker tournaments to its July roster.

On top of the enhanced schedule of events, PokerStars is also giving away extra FPPs to every player that takes part in at least 250 real-money two-man heads-up sit-and-go games against the same opponent throughout July. For achieving this feat players are to be awarded with 1.5 FPPs more than normal for every VPP they earn over the course of these games.

The promotional system is designed to encourage more action at the heads-up sit-and-go tables, which have gone through somewhat of a slump recently. Indeed, due to a number of regulars refusing to play each other, this ecosystem has stagnated to the point where the number of games has dropped significantly at higher stakes.

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