Become a PokerStars VIP

Become a PokerStars VIP

Thursday, 23 January 2014

PokerStars has just announced its second round of VIP parties and this time the schedule is bigger than before.

After creating the VIP Live Tour last year, the online poker site has decided to improve things in 2014 and treat players to a bevy of drinks, food and entertainment all for the princely sum of $0.

Compiling a schedule that boasts stops in seven different locations across three continents, the VIP events are designed to bring together grinders and pros in a friendly and entertaining way. Indeed, last year the tour saw the likes of Mickey Petersen and Randy Lew join the festivities and swap poker stories with casual grinders from across the world.

“The VIP Club Live events are a blast,” said Petersen. “They’re a great opportunity to meet and chat with players you see regularly at the online tables, grab some free drinks and food, and take part in some special games and activities laid on by the PokerStars staff. I’ll definitely be heading back to a few of them in 2014.”

This time around the organisers are expecting more pros to join the festivities and all PokerStars players who are Bronze level+ can attend an event. Entry is by ticket only and players must visit the VIP store and use their FPPs to purchase one.
VIP Live Tour Schedule:
March 7 – Prague, Czech Republic
April 26 – Stockholm, Sweden
June 7 – Lisbon, Portugal
July 19 – Montreal, Canada
August 30 – Hamburg, Germany
Date TBD – Isle of Man
November 7 – South America (venue TBD)

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