Bebb-Jones appeals against US extradition

Bebb-Jones appeals against US extradition

Friday, 25 June 2010

Former UK tournament regular Marcus Bebb-Jones has lodged an appeal against extradition proceedings to the USA. The 46-year-old is accused of murdering his wife and dumping her body in a Colorado National Park in 1997.

Prosecutors in America claim that the Kidderminster man killed his wife then spent her money on a 'playboy' style weekend in Las Vegas. Mrs Bebb-Jones's skull was found in Colorado in 2004. The 2007 Grosvenor Grand Prix winner was later arrested at his Worcestershire home in 2009.

Defence counsel for Bebb-Jones unsuccessfully argued against extradition proceedings earlier this year, claiming that there was a “real risk” of the death penalty and that the prospect of a life sentence without parole was a breach of Bebb-Jones's human rights. The judge at Westminster Magistrates Court rejected this and ruled that the extradition was compatible with his human rights.

The papers ordering the extradition were signed by Security Minister Baroness Neville-Jones earlier this month. The appeal hearing is expected to be heard in the High Court after the summer break.

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