Barry Greenstein’s car stolen (and returned) in San Diego

Barry Greenstein’s car stolen (and returned) in San Diego

Monday, 8 August 2011

Barry Greenstein was in San Diego for a big mixed game at the Palomar Card Club last night and was the big loser, more so when he emerged from the game and found that his Aston Martin DB9 had been stolen from the Marriot hotel’s valet parking lot.

“Guy came up to valet and said his name was Greenstein,” Tweeted the PokerStars Pro.

“Didn’t have a valet ticket. Flashed a California ID.”

The story gets weird from here on in, though – later in the night, the thief returned the car to the hotel. He left before he could be apprehended but had had the car cleaned for Greenstein before returning it.

Later, the perpetrator tried to park his own car at the hotel and security promptly called the police. The man was arrested but his mother claimed he had mental issues and believed the car was his. He is in hospital now. The incompetent valet has been fired.

You can read the whole saga on Greenstein’s Twitter account at

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