launches MyGame iPhone app launches MyGame iPhone app

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Top training and staking site has launched a new iPhone app for its revolutionary free MyGame training system. The app enables existing MyGame trainees to share and compare their report cards and stats with other players as well as sharing their numbers on Facebook or Twitter.

Most of the stats are contained in a report card but can be expanded into detailed explanations and suggestions of how to improve your game. The app not only features social networking but also video tuition, meaning you can improve your game on the go.

“Your report card might suggest your grades are slipping in a specific area of play so clicking that option within the app takes you to more specific information, statistics, comments and suggestions on how to improve,” explains Badbeat Managing Director, John Conroy.  “If you drill down further you can even watch videos on how to improve in these areas either by streaming them or downloading them for later viewing.

“You can even share your report card right from your device using email or popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Players are already using it to brag to their friends while out and about.”

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