helps Ioannou to tournament success helps Ioannou to tournament success

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mentoring and staking are great ways to boost a fledgling tournament career and that is just what up and coming player Stavros Ioannou has enjoyed courtesy of

Ioannou, who plays online as LOTSandLOTS, put his recent coaching to good use, enjoying second and third place finishes in a pair of big guaranteed events at

“My first day with was a good one -- I played 6 MTTs in total and final tabled 3/6 winning two of them,” said Ioannou. “My personal goal for this year is to win $100k for my stake. And hopefully go toVegas and do well in some bracelets events. has given me a stable stake (home) for me to play stress free of results. Any profit I make can go to pay for things in life and I still have my bankroll via Badbeat every day.”

“We see a lot of potential in Stav,” said founder John Conroy. “We think he’s really going to benefit from the kind of mentorship and training we can give him.”

“ is providing me a steady bankroll and monitoring my progress and helping me move forward/up in stakes,” said Ioannou when asked how his sponsorship is improving his prospects. “I’m building a good relationship with my mentor and having that support from him is a massive comfort for me.”

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