Bad behaviour at WPT Bucharest

Bad behaviour at WPT Bucharest

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Being a tournament director can be a thankless job. If everything goes well nobody notices you but if the slightest thing goes wrong there's usually someone ready to complain about it.

Take for example, this piece of shocking behaviour at the latest WPT event in Bucharest. Sometime Romanian TV presenter and football agent Ioan Becali threw a right hissy fit on the opening day of the current WPT tournament as can be seen here.

And the reason for his toy throwing tantrum? Somebody steal his chips? Slowroll with the nuts? Cheat in any way in fact? None to all of the above. The reason for his show of petulance was that he though a fellow player at his table was hogging the only masseuse girl available. Really.

It looks like the WPT tournament director got off lightly though considering Becali's previous form which can be seen by clicking here.

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