Bad Beat Jackpot Gives Players Some CEREUS Money

Bad Beat Jackpot Gives Players Some CEREUS Money

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Absolute Poker and UltimateBet’s new alliance into the CEREUS network of online poker means that their player base has expanded, their software has improved, they get the chance to wipe the slate clean re: cheating scandals and we’ll keep using this CEREUS=serious pun in headlines.

One result of CEREUS’s larger player base is the bad beat jackpot being increased exponentially. The jackpot had reached $789,827.72 by the time a player known as square_route lost a hand of Hold ‘em with a straight flush.

At CEREUS, to qualify for the bad beat jackpot, the losing hand must be quad eights or better and both hole cards of both players must be used. Of the jackpot, 65% is spread among the players – in this case square_route won a staggering $250,000.

The best thing? He’d only joined the site a few days previously.

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