Bad Beat Bonanza at Microgaming

Bad Beat Bonanza at Microgaming

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Microgaming’s Bad Beat Jackpot has been hit not one but three times in the last few days. Having altered their system earlier this month – creating an opt-in/ opt-out system and subsequently lowering the qualifying hand requirements – the frequency of the bonus payouts has increased dramatically.

Having climbed to €924,727, the initial BBJ paid out an impressive €370,788 to a €50NL player after their nine-high straight flush was beaten by a jack-high straight flush. However, while one player was rejoicing at their initial misfortune, another was regretting their decision not to opt-in to the new system.

Having declined the option to pay €0.02 per hand to enter into the BBJ, the player with the jack-high straight lost out on a runner-up payment of €184,945. Two other players at the table had joined the BBJ pool though and each received €47,134, in addition to a selection of other players at €50NL who’d opted in and received €897 each.

Not long after first jackpot, the second one struck. This time €377,029 was the figure, but again one player was left ruing their decision not to opt-in to the system. Indeed, while the player suffering the bad beat lost out on €150,811, the hands winner (the one causing the bad beat) managed to win €76,976.

The final payout followed a similar trend as the previous, paying out the winner of the hand but not the winner of the BBJ. This time around €45,460 was paid out while €90,921 was left unclaimed and put back into the bonus system.

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