BLOG – zero-to-sixty in record time?

BLOG – zero-to-sixty in record time?

Friday, 12 March 2010

I’m used to going 0-60 in three or four seconds when I’m on the road but it’s not something that happens to my bankroll often. Well, having run my measly bucks up to $25 or so at my last blog I managed to get a few cashes, a podium finish or two in a $1.10 45-man tournament and some good NL2 grinding in. $63.79. Result.

Of course, I buggered it. Sure, I could have had a 30-buy-in bankroll for $0.01/$0.02, played 12 tables or more as the biggest nit in the world and still run a 20BB/100 winrate. I’d be on $150 and up to $0.02/$0.05 within a week.

So why didn’t I do that? Can’t really give you a reason… I was pretty high. I decided I could play “a few” $3 45-mans since my results in the $1 level had been excellent. I lost half the roll as a few became an intense grind.

To add insult to injury I finished 8th place in three. That’s the bubble.
I’m now below where I was, the proud owner of $19.35 after some disastrous games. To be fair, I was running like crap but I can’t blame the cards when I was taking underrolled shots in a high-variance format of the game.

Again, I can’t help but take shots when the amount of money is easily replaceable. Add to that the fact that payday is on Monday and my student loan is coming in a matter of weeks and it makes me very unmotivated to grind up this poor excuse for a bankroll.

I plan a $600 deposit to William Hill and a grind of $0.1/$0.2 until I can clear their 200% bonus. That should sort me nicely. In preparation for when that day comes, I have recently joined DragTheBar. So far I’ve watched one video by Matt “mbolt1” Bolt, former student of Dusty “leatherass” Schmidt, and I was very impressed. He played a solid game at NL25 but pulled his fair share of moves to take down a lot of pots. He really made me think about a lot of things to do with my game.

So, once again, poker training sites come heartily recommended. Obviously.
Good luck at your own tables, readers.

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