BLOG - zero to hero

BLOG - zero to hero

Monday, 22 March 2010

I know I said my grind wouldn't begin until today but what the hell, I
fancied playing me some poker over the weekend.

A particular highlight for me was playing two tables of heads-up PLO
250BB deep. I felt like Isildur1, just at $0.01/$0.02. It was also a
highlight because I won.

The biggest pot was about $14, so 700BBs. I had Td Ts 8d 6s and myself
and my aggressive opponent put in 4 bets before the flop, making it
$1.1 on a Tc 9s 7h board. He raised my c-bet and I called, turned a
flush draw on the 2s turn and got all the money in. He had QJT9 and I
took the pot. I can't even properly play Omaha, which he seemed to
uncannily know after I won my fifth buy-in from him as he went on a
three-minute rant in the chatbox.

So I'm now at $80 and I'm thinking about attacking the $1.75 18-man
SnGs. Any advice, readers?

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