BLOG – Zero to Hero; the story so far

BLOG – Zero to Hero; the story so far

Monday, 10 May 2010

You’ve not heard much about my bankroll challenge recently but that’s because I’ve not been playing a lot. Between fixing up my motorbike – yeah, I ride a motorbike, I’m well cool, did you know I also have an iPhone? – and paying off debts I decided an additional £300-£500 deposit to a poker site was a little out of reach.

Don’t get me wrong, I may well in future just think “screw it” and put a few hundred online to play microstakes ring games and bonuswhore my way to stardom over the summer but for now, with essay deadlines and final year exams looming I’m more concerned about not getting a 2:2 than I am with becoming the next Tom Dwan.

Speaking of which, I think that inevitable $500 deposit will have to be to play $0.05/$0.10. Many would play NL25; some would even play NL50 but for someone who plays 28/26 with a 11% 3-bet it’s probably best to be rolled for 50 buy-ins. Dwan is currently in a $3m (at least 30 buy-ins) downswing after being up $8.5m since December. I’m obviously not going to suffer similar swings but it wouldn’t surprise me if my style saw me hit a few 10 buy-in swings.

For now I’ve been playing a lot of Heads-Up Sit ‘n’ Goes. Since I play so many pots and bluff so much – against microstakes idiots who don’t like to be bluffed – my redline (non-showdown winnings) is a little pathetic. I want to improve my handreading abilities so I’ve also been watching a lot of heads-up cash videos at sites like

For now my total is around $142, with which I’m playing $2.20 HUSnGs and maybe some $5.50s if I feel a little fruity. Sick life.

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