BLOG – What would Hellmuth do?

BLOG – What would Hellmuth do?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Phil Hellmuth is no longer wearing Ultimate Bet sponsorship gear. Now this could all be resolved and we might see him sporting their logo at future events but for now Hellmuth has been seen in just his PH hat and Aria patches as opposed to the gear and double-decker bus. What, he doesn’t always drive around in that thing?? I bloody would.

Even if you don’t like the guy’s TV antics you have to respect the fact that he is probably one of the most valuable poker players for a site to have. Hellmuth is probably second only to Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey in terms of dedicated TV time and appearances; he is arguably one of the two or three most famous poker players in the world and is definitely worth a fair bit for a site. But which site? I doubt that Full Tilt or PokerStars would be interested and I doubt Hellmuth would be interested in them. He couldn’t be centre stage in a roster of 50 pros (most of whom are probably better poker players than him).

What about Doyle’s Room? Both he and Doyle are old school players and with the likes of Hoyt Corkins sponsored there he would fit. Hardly Brunson 10 material, but hey, maybe he could take some post-2003 MTT lessons from Chris Moorman while he’s there? Failing that I think the general consensus is that Hellmuth will sign with a live poker room.

The debatable state and future of online poker in the US means that starting a new site such as is impractical. I could, as can many others, see Phil attaching himself to or something of that ilk. Who better to represent a possibly launching US-friendly online poker site under the WSOP brand than an 11-time bracelet-winner?

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