BLOG – What makes a great poker site?

BLOG – What makes a great poker site?

Thursday, 2 December 2010

You know why PokerStars absolutely, balls-to-the-wall rock? Because they’re so damn nice. Seriously. I mean, they have really great software, they have the most traffic, but not so much more than their nearest rivals that it makes a clear-cut difference. So why do we love them so much?

It’s because of the customer service, hence my reference to your old store manager. We’ve all had those crappy part-time retail jobs (or the crappy full-time ones) and you know the managers are pushing the importance of customer service being exceptional onto their bored employees constantly. Well, to be fair, they should.

PokerStars recently made the announcement that the UKIPT Galway, the first event in the new season following the highly successful first run, was delayed due to the snow preventing flights. Jesus, us Brits can’t handle anything except a light smattering of drizzle can we? Too much snow and it all goes to hell; too much heat and the roads melt and old people die; too much rain and it floods. Just give us an overcast day with a bit of muggy rain.

Anyway, PokerStars. Right. They had to delay the start of the UKIPT through no fault of their own – it is literally defined as an Act of God, who doesn’t exist. So just an act of nature. PokerStars could not prevent God or Mother Nature doing this. However, they decided to make it up to the players who were already in Galway waiting for the tournament with a €10,000 freeroll.

That is awesome. To make up for a fairly minor event that they couldn’t help, they’ve compensated players with five figures. And that’s why PokerStars rocks. Their support and service is without par and that’s what you need with a company dealing in your money, potentially livelihood.

Also, Victory Poker rock. Why? Well, they haven’t given away a five-figure sum that I’m aware of but then they haven’t had any tournaments cancelled by God. No, CEO and WSOPE finalist Dan Fleyshman has simply bought us some lovely models mucking around with some cake. Because of the Cake Poker network, geddit? Oh screw it, who cares what it has to do with poker – just watch the video:

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