BLOG: Resolving to lower my VPIP; nearly having a seizure

BLOG: Resolving to lower my VPIP; nearly having a seizure

Friday, 19 November 2010

But I get booooored. I like playing hands. It’s what makes poker fun and you can’t exactly make a big ballsy 3-bet turn bluff with 53o if you folded it pre-flop. Hang on, have a look at my graph, particularly the showdown winnings oh dear is it upside down? Fine, fine, we’ll lower my VPIP.

So, I’m there trying to fold my hands and being a good boy even when I have K-J suited under the gun or 9-8o in the cut-off but I find myself losing focus. Folding literally almost twice as many hands as I usually do has me playing without looking, checking Facebook and reading websites while mindlessly autopiloting on the tables.

So I thought to myself, as a whacky maverick, why not try increasing the number of tables to both decrease outside distractions and lower the VPIP? You can’t play looser than 25/23 if you’re multi-tabling, right?
So I started with nine PokerStars tables on the microstakes as practise and found it almost too easy. I was more focused but still caught myself making 3-bet squeezes with junk hands out of the blinds because I could. So I added more tables until my 27” monitor was full of sixteen little boxes.

This is an insight into my thought process during the half an hour that I played 943 hands of 6-max NLHE:
“OK fold, fold, fold, fold – shit! Folded my big blind pre-flop – fold, raise, fold, what the hell he had a straight? Fold, fold, click “I’m Back” on three tables, fold, raise, call, fold, fold, call, raise, fold, fold – shit! Folded my big blind pre-flop – fold, fold, call, raise, all-in, fold, try to bluff, fold, keep looking at the table I’m bluffing on, fold, click “I’m Back” six times, fold, raise, call, raise, fold, call...”

It gives me a great admiration of players such as LeggoPoker coach ‘boywonder’ and PokerStars Pro Dusty “leatherass9” Schmidt who play 12 to 16 tables for upwards of thirty and forty hours a week. It also gives me a primal, animal fear of Randy “nanonoko” Lew who 24-tables the $25/$50 games against the best in the world.

I bow down to nanonoko, our new cyborg overlord.

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