BLOG – Poker in the Park is just two weeks away

BLOG – Poker in the Park is just two weeks away

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Personally, I’m very annoyed that this year has gone so fast. I remember – just – the wee small hours of the morning on New Year’s Day 2010; prancing about Trendlewood Park, Bristol, to Simply Red and Toto. That feels like a few weeks ago... it was over eight bloody months.

Never mind the fact that Reading festival is in six days and it has crept up so fast that I haven’t even sorted out a tent but Poker in the Park is two weeks today. I feel like the Twilight Zone character who doesn’t have time to read his books; the hours and minutes are just slipping by completely unnoticed.

That means that before I know it I’ll be showering festival muck off me and then – two days after I get back – going down to Poker in the Park to mingle and learn. Of course I expect to be mobbed with adoring blog/Bluff Europe reading fans who want me to sign their magazines and breasts. If this is the case I’m holding out hope that the breasts are female but given the physique (and gender, come to think of it) of the average poker player I’m not counting my chickens.

In actuality I imagine I will mill around with the rest of the great unwashed taking in the sights, perhaps buying some merch or attending a stellar lecture from a world-class player or maybe even just winning one of those multi-table Sit n’ Goes that will be running throughout the day.
Also, I want to pose for a picture with Evander Holyfield, perhaps pretending to bite his ear off. I wonder if he’s sensitive about that? If you see a Bluff Europe blogger wandering around Leicester Square with a black eye and birds circling his not-inconsiderable head then you know what has happened. I could also pose for a picture with Liv Boeree then tell all my friends “this is my girlfriend but she lives really far away and you can never meet her but trust me she’s real look at this picture!”
Of course, the average reader won’t be stalking beautiful poker players and scary former boxers but instead be learning and having fun in the heart of London surrounded by 20,000 likeminded poker lovers and professionals alike. Should be an awesome couple of days.

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