BLOG – Poker in the Park is awesome as hell

BLOG – Poker in the Park is awesome as hell

Friday, 3 September 2010

I wasn't sure what to expect from Poker in the Park but I certainly didn't expect this. I got to Leicester Square and bummed about with my Red Bull and roll-ups for a while before having a gander at Alex Rousso's lecture on variance.

Then it was time for a beer in the Empire Casino and at this point I must point out that editor Philip Conneller gave me his free beer tab. Short of presenting his testicles on a velvet cushion that is the biggest sacrifice one man can make for another.

I learned that Liv Boeree is really quite short (having totally forgotten that she is an actual human female rather than just a poker-playing image on my screen) and that Neil Channing really needs new clothes. For a rich man he seems to be forced into wearing a judo suit which is apparently his only item of clothing.

I also set a personal record, managing to bust out of a tournament in three hands. I folded Q-2 and Q-3 the first hands then got it in with A-Q against 6-6 and didn't win. Standard donkament, especially one with 30BB starting stacks and five minute blind levels. That's a turbo online, live I don't know what it is – four hands a level, maybe? I wasn't around long enough to tell.

Today I shall again bop on down to participate in the festivities which will include a chat and a book signing from the one and only Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott plus more gorgeous girls milling around and more free stuff.

Seriously, how much persuasion do you need??

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