BLOG – New Year’s Resolutions

BLOG – New Year’s Resolutions

Monday, 13 December 2010

OK, so you’ll recall that in my last blog I gave you a snippet of my next article and revealed the great secret of poker success – you have to work really bloody hard. Sorry to disappoint you all.

In that article I go on to say that setting monetary goals is bad (you can’t really control variance so saying “I will make $X per month” is counterproductive) and that you need to be clear in how you will achieve your goals. So, since I like to lead by example, here’s what I want to do and how I want to do it for 2011:

1.Become a winning 180-man SnG player at PokerStars with a view to attaining and maintaining GoldStar or higher status.
This is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve gone through my results and discovered that while I have only played around 100 $2/180s this year I have made 22 final tables and won six. Small sample size, yes, but I feel confident playing them and they’re a good way to build a bankroll. Plus, I’ll be mixing in some large-field MTTs so I could just win the lottery.

2.Achieve a bankroll of $2,500 before my 22nd birthday.
“But, but, Mr Perry,” you say, your hand waving in the air desperately as I peer at your small childface over my spectacles. “You said not to set money... money... mon-e-terry goals.” Quite right, child. However, this one is achievable purely because of my first resolution, which will involve putting in some considerable volume. Variance is my bitch. The $2,500 figure allows me to try and pwn heads-up cash. I hear there’s no money and that everyone is solid.

3.Constantly seek to improve my game with X hours of study.
I haven’t decided what figure “X” should be, yet. I don’t want to be analysing hands and running equity calculations so often that I never get to play. Conversely, I don’t want to mindlessly autopilot through 1,000 tournaments a week. So to be fair I haven’t quite decided how to achieve this goal besides becoming a more active member of the Two Plus Two MTT forums and subscribing to PokerXFactor.

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