BLOG – MyPokerLab and the Journalist Challenge

BLOG – MyPokerLab and the Journalist Challenge

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

OK, so I haven’t exactly gotten off to the best start in the Journalist Challenge but then again I’ve not had a chance to have a coaching session with my assigned mentor yet so there’s room for improvement. Just keep telling yourself that, Matt...

Because my laptop is a little bit rubbish I haven’t been able to hook up the necessary software to the PokerTime client yet which means I’m a) playing without a HUD and b) unable to tell you how much I’m down – convenient, eh? I would estimate it’s about $110 over the past two days which is fine given I’m playing NL10 and NL20.

I have run fairly poorly – not in the sense that I’m being coolered; if anything I’m getting slapped in the face with the deck. I’ve probably played fewer than 2,000 hands and had two quads, umpteen sets and a straight flush so far. I’m running poorly in the worst way, where they always seem to have the top of their range.

Then again, I do keep trying to bluff microstakes fish off of two pair and the third nut flush and such. Maybe I should move up to where they respect my raises? Today I’m going to knuckle down and try and get a few thousand hands in with a decent winrate. Well, I say decent – above 0BB/100 would be nice.

Anyway, you guys are probably wondering what the PokerTime client is like. It’s on the Microgaming network so traffic is hardly at PokerStars levels but there are always a few thousand people online. The software is fantastic – my only complaint is that they include your current bet in the raise amount which has lead to me overbetting a few times but that’s just nitpicking. The software is really, really good. Like Full Tilt/PokerStars good.

Also, I love that it displays your folded cards throughout the hand – if you’re a fish and you fold Q-5o before the flop and the flop is Q-5-8 and your cards are sitting there, mocking you for folding, tell me that you don’t want to play Q-5 next time.

Basically, it seems pretty fish-orientated, i.e. it encourages fish to be fishier. That suits me fine.

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