BLOG – Mobile gaming can only be a good thing

BLOG – Mobile gaming can only be a good thing

Friday, 14 May 2010

We reported yesterday that PokerStars are sending e-mails to customers asking them to fill in a survey about mobile gaming. Now, if anyone has played the Zynga iPhone poker app or Facebook poker then you know this means there are legions of dribbling morons who don’t know spades from diamonds ready to get online.

Last year PokerStars purchased Cecure Gaming, a mobile gaming development company. Cecure have previously partnered with Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone and 3 Mobile so they’re got a decent track record. Now it seems that, with the massive popularity of Facebook poker and the iPhone application, the world’s largest poker site could be going mobile.

Excellent, I can’t wait.

It’s a curious thing that the quality of poker play deteriorates with the device used to play. Online games, on computers, are the toughest around. Mobile phones, much softer and no device at all – i.e. the drunken rabble shoving any two at your local casino – are the easiest games of all. It either says a lot about the reliance on technology in modern life or just tells us that live players are awful.

Back in the day UB had the same principle of mobile gaming but you had to play on “Mobile Only Tables” where the timebanks were hours long and everyone constantly disconnected. Now we’re in the future and this shouldn’t be an issue. Of course, I bet multi-tabling is out of the question because of bandwidth issues and the like.

I’m also informed it is possible to play on certain phones already but only by linking them to your PC with an app. That doesn’t count – I want people the world over; at work hiding their phone under desks; on the toilet escaping for a while or just lying in bed, donating money to grinders via their mobiles.

Of course, I must become one of those grinders first. Back to the tables!

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