BLOG – Matt Perry makes final table

BLOG – Matt Perry makes final table

Monday, 25 October 2010

I was going to write a blog about MyPokerLab and the Bad Beat Journalist Challenge but that fact that a) it’s being going poorly and b) I’m due a session with my mentor today means it’s more prudent to write about it later in the week when I have some poker wisdom to pass on and can hopefully get a little further in the black.

Instead, then, I will talk about the Grosvenor Victoria Casino on Edgware Road that had the pleasure of my company yesterday afternoon.

I was out with a friend on Saturday night – actually, I was in with a friend come to think of it – and I just decided to look up poker tournaments on Sunday. I fancied a game. Saw the £30 + £6 game at the Vic with a £1,000 guarantee and thought I could get down there. Yesterday I woke up at 2pm and just about made it on time after running bad on the way – missed the 282 bus to Northolt so decided to go to Eastcote station (psycho fans can now track me down) only to find out the Met line wasn’t running. And then I missed another 282.

Mind you, I still got there 20 minutes early so it’s a blessing that all that happened really. I now have my official shiny Victoria Casino membership card, too. I feel like Neil Channing. Only less talkative and not quite as good as poker. That said, fourth place baby! I wound up getting it all in with Ac-8x against 6-6 and the board of Tc-9c-7d-2c kept me sweating the whole way. The French girl who eliminated me was really quite gorgeous though. Y’know, just in case she’s reading this. Probably not.

So I got £30 for my fourth place finish in a tournament that cost me £36 to enter plus £5 in Red Bulls and £4 in food. However I did get a free Red Bull and as we speak I’m up $30 for the day on PokerStars so we can call it a roughly plus four pounds day.

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