BLOG - Less is More

BLOG - Less is More

Monday, 23 August 2010

On Friday night one of my friends had a 21st birthday party. It was fancy dress with a Hollywood theme which lead to Woody, GI Joe, Sister Maria (a 6'5" 200lb man) and Lara Croft getting their boogie on with Dorothy and Cleopatra.

Point being it was at the hall for Goals (the 5-a-side football place) and I realised how much better 5-a-side football (shortfooted game?) is than 'full ring'. More action, less boring crap where a ball gets passed around in midfield for years.

Less IS more. More fun, anyway. Poker games are now standardly shorthanded instead of full ring with six players being the standard figure online. More hands, more action, more opportunities for fish to make mistakes.

The bugger is that casinos and card rooms can't really do that. It's cheaper to keep games nine-handed instead of running two six-max tables, though more action means more rake. It's just annoying; live games are boring enough (20 hands an hour, pah) without making them full ring.

Poker rooms - open a £0.25/£0.50 6-max table ASAP. I'll be there.

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