BLOG - Just how damned rich is Phil Ivey?

BLOG - Just how damned rich is Phil Ivey?

Friday, 2 April 2010

Despite what Phil Hellmuth would like to believe, Phil Ivey is the poker player who generates the most intrigue and fan speculation.

The very definition of balla (there's a picture of Ivey in the dictionary next to that word), Ivey is the man that his peers consistently vote as the best. Top of the all-time money list for tournaments; one of online poker's biggest winners; possibly the biggest winning gambler in the world.

So, how much money does he have? Let's first take a look at the biggest recorded statistics on Ivey's poker career.His total tournament winnings (not net profit, mind you) stands at the mighty figure of $12,813,990; topping the all-time money list.I've often cited Patrik Antonius as online poker's biggest winner but Ivey might rival that.

Since 2006 he has earned $15,860,937.97 net profit at Full Tilt Poker's nosebleed cash games.Add to this the fact that he regularly plays six-figure craps games; bets millions on sports and is a regular in Bobby's Room and we have to assume a liquid poker and gambling bankroll of at least $20m, likely more.However, the biggest source of his revenue is often overlooked.

As part of Team Full Tilt; one of their most prominent pros and an original founding member he holds a significant stake in the site. Full Tilt Poker is worth approximately $400,000,000 and from the research (Googling) I've done, it's likely that Ivey's stake in the company is anywhere from 1% to 5%. Let's assume the latter, just because.Factor in property, unrecorded gambling earnings (stakes, The Big Game, casino games, sports) and we're looking at a lot of money.I would put the over/under on Ivey's net worth as around $150,000,000.

I figure the over/under is the only way he'll reveal it because he might make a $10m bet on it, should he read this.If you are reading, Phil, please send me $10,000 on Full Tilt. You can spare it.

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