BLOG – Ivey, Ivey, Ivey! Blom, Blom, Blom!

BLOG – Ivey, Ivey, Ivey! Blom, Blom, Blom!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Viktor Blom is just a sick, sick individual. There is no other way to say it. At this juncture it doesn’t even matter if he is Isildur1 or not – he obviously is but he’s still keeping schtum about it – because having watched him tear through the field at the £10,350 WSOPE Main Event I am fully prepared to believe that I am watching one of the best No Limit Hold ‘em players in the world. And he’s 19 years old!

Isildur1 is famed for his overbets, which he will make for value, as a bluff or for razor-thin value with middle pair. I’ve seen five overbets from Blom over the past two days he has been playing and they resulted in three folds and two calls. Two of the three times he got folds; he showed a pure bluff (eight high and one pair on a A-K-9-T board); both times he was called he had the best hand. How you can hand-read so well is beyond me.

Even if he isn’t Isildur1, which he is, then the story of Blom90 – who he definitely is – is amazing as well. He was playing $530 STTs on PartyPoker in 2005 at the age of 15; he ran up a $2,000 deposit to $1,500,000 in five weeks playing heads-up cash before taking out half a million and losing the rest before doing it again. He has a huge stack at the moment and I hope he makes the final table because THAT will be fine TV.

Now, Phil Ivey. Everyone knows I’m an Ivey nuthugger and that’s because I play poker. He is the best, no doubt about it. As I write he has taken the chip lead after knocking out Nick Schulman and Matt Stout in consecutive hands as well as dropping us down to seven tables. I am praying for an Ivey v. Blom heads-up showdown for the bracelet because that would probably be the best thing I’ve ever seen. I could die happy then.
Anyway, no time for blogging – there’s WSOPE reporting to be done.

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