BLOG - How to get banned from the WSOP

BLOG - How to get banned from the WSOP

Monday, 31 May 2010

Bleary-eyed and waiting for coffee to cool, your faithful blogger was making the usual rounds over the poker forums this morning when this popped up.

According to Michael Craig's blog on Full Tilt Poker, a player has been banned from the WSOP by Jack Effel himself after stealing chips during the $1,000 NLHE event.

Winning the hand before the break, a man in his fifties with a
baseball cap was dragging the pot with one hand, the other leaning on the table. He then moved both hands to drag the pot and count his chips. Turns out that hand leaning on the table was actually leaning on a stack of chips the player next to him had.

Funnily enough, people tend to notice when a couple of thousand
disappears from their stack. A complaint; a gander at the cameras and
next thing Old Cap Man knows he's being forcibly escorted from The
Amazon Room by Jack Effel and three large men in suits.

Seriously, mate, come on. I'm not going to say cheaters never prosper
because they sometimes do - if they're clever they get away with it
all. Even if they carried out their cheating in an idiotic and obvious
way they might still get away with it, eh Russ? This guy at the WSOP
had a well-executed manouvre but it failed because... well, as I said,
people tend to notice when a couple of thousand disappears from their
stack. I know that the $1,000 event might as well be a lottery (the
fact that the WSOP is hosting an event with 60BB starting stacks and
one-orbit levels is a different blog entirely) but did you really have
to attempt brazen theivery in the world's largest and most well-run

Anyway, to the far less interesting topic of my life: degree is done.
Not done well, you understand (I'll be lucky to scrape a 2:2) but done
nevertheless. So now what? Well, I'm setting myself a goal. This
summer, between various writing gigs including Bluff Europe of course,
I'm going to spend a lot of time on the three following applications:
Hold 'em Manager; and the PokerCrunchr iPhone app.
That's right, I've decided to get a bit good at poker.

Wish me luck; hopefully I won't need it.

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